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Kyungja O. Kim is an abstract sculptor and ceramist. 
She has been working with clay and creating pottery and sculpture for the past 30 years. 
Clay is the material she is most comfortable working with but has recently, within the last 15 years, also added still-tubes, wire, plaster, hydracal, and cement to her work.
“I like spontaneous movements of abstract forms and lines. 
I am inspired by relationships among human beings and also relationships and interactions within nature.”
Kyungja also finds inspiration through her Ikebana flower arranging and holds a First Degree Master from the Ohara School. 
Additionally, she had been a member of the Wallingford Potter’s Guild for 10 years.
She is a founding member of the Philadelphia Art Connection.  She studied under the potter, Trudi Battershall, and scultptors Jim Lloyd and Ava Blitz.

Group and Juried Exhibition
"Unspoken Stories"  The DA Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA   2013
"The Memories"  The Gallery Bennett, Korean Community Center, Englewood, NJ  2013
"The Journey of Life II"  The DA Vinci Art Alliance,Philadelphia, PA 2012
"The Journey of Life I"   Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA  2011
Juried member Show  Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA  2004
Juried Member Show  Wayne Art Center,Wayne, PA  2002

Kyungja Kim